How to Play Shadow Tag

How to Play Shadow Tag

Kids playing Shadow Tag: How to Play Shadow Tag

The game of tag is a classic childhood favourite game and chances are you’ve played a TON of tag variations. This one is called Shadow Tag.

To play Shadow Tag you need two or more players (lots is good!) and enough sun outside to cast a shadow.

If you have enough players you can play “Can’t tag your butcher.”*

How to play Shadow Tag? Well, first you have to decide who is going to be it. I’ve got a page of great games to help you decide who should go first. (You might want to visit it.) Once you have decided who is “it” they run around and try to tag (touch) other players. (You might want to create an in-bounds and out-of-bounds playing area before you start although the kids tend to do that naturally.) Once someone has been tagged, they become “it” and have to try and tag other players.

Now the tricky part about Shadow Tag is that you can’t feel it if you’ve been tagged as the person who is “it” is tagging your shadow! So while you might think you are safe… your shadow might be about to be tagged by their foot. (Usually you get tagged by a foot, but you can be tagged by any part of the it person touching your shadow!)

Tip: Try and keep your body between the it player and your shadow!

How to play shadow tag

This is a fun challenge and twist on the traditional game of Tag and it is a great warm up game for kids to play in gym class, during organized sports, and of course, whenever the kids want to play–like at birthday parties!

If you want more tag game variations check out this page!


What’s your favourite Tag variation?

* “Can’t tag your butcher” means you can’t tag the person who just tagged you. They are “safe” while you are it as they are the one who tagged you.


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    My friend and I are going to try this game this arvo, hopefully it is fun, what with the sun being unpredictable

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