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This section of It’s All Kid’s Play is about getting out of the house whether it is out and about with the whole family as a day trip, playcation, staycation, vacation, or just goofing and playing around outside.


When families spend time together, they bond, build resiliency, create family memories, as well as experience the world in a whole new way all while hanging out with the people they hold dear. Parents who spend quality time with their children are more likely to have children who don’t engage in deviant behaviour, experience less stress, have greater life satisfaction, and do better in school.


The best part about getting out of the house to spend quality time together is that there are fewer distractions. (You can read my perspective and philosophy on spending quality time here.)


If you aren’t necessarily looking to go out somewhere, but just want to get outside with the kids (or get them out there on their own), I’ve got a ton of great outdoor play ideas as well. These games and activities are great for one kid, twenty kids, families, daycares, playschools, summer camps, classes, family reunions… really anytime you want to mix kids and the great outdoors.


Here are two large categories to help you choose your next family outing or just need to get the kids outside to play. Click on which category interests you.



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Outside Play

Outside Play. Kids paddling a boat in a pond.

Pages of Awesome Outdoor Play

(There are so many outdoor free play activities that instead of listing the activities, there are pages to choose from. Click the links below to go straight to that page or click on “Outside Play” to go to a main page that shows all the activities for outside play.)



Playcation and Day Trip Activities

Playcations (Staycations) for families - picture in front of a road sign


Didn’t find what you were looking for? Try these places too! I’ve got more, more, more!

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