>#273: Hopscotch

>Play hopscotch. Using chalk, draw 8 or 10 boxes like shown above. (Using one colour is fine.) Next, you have to hop on one foot from box to box, starting at #1. Boxes that are beside each other (like #3 and #4) are jumped on with two feet. (So, hop off #2 and land on

>#271: Charlie Brown

>Charlie Brown is a playground game and is played on a teeter totter (if you find one!). You will need two players. One person sits on their end of the teeter totter and the other person sits on the other end. One player is Charlie Brown and they pick a colour. They keep the other

>#253: Watch the Sunset/Sunrise

>Watch the sun rise or the sun set in the sky today. Do the clouds and sky change colour? Make this a family activity: Get everyone together and sit with something warm to drink and watch the sky change colours. This activity promotes appreciation for our Earth’s beauty.

>#237: Play Catch

>Grab a ball, glove and a friend or family member and play catch. How many times can you pass it back and forth without dropping it? Make this a family activity: Get the whole family out there catching the ball. This activity promotes eye-hand coordination.

>#232: Bird Watching

>Watch birds. How many do you see? How many different kinds do you see? What kind are they? If you aren’t sure, check a bird identification guide. Make this a family activity: Take the whole family out to watch birds. Hint: Bird sanctuary’s are good places for bird viewing. This activity promotes visual identification skills

>#230: Tetherball

>Let’s play tetherball. Tetherball is a game where a ball is ‘tethered’ or tied to a pole. One person hits the ball around the pole in one direction and the other player hits the ball in the other direction. The first person to get the rope wrapped all the way around the pole going their

>#216: Fly a Kite

>Hey, is it windy outside? Go fly a kite! Safety First: Make sure you fly your kite a long way away from telephone poles (overhead wires) and big trees. Also, never fly a kite during a thunder storm. Make this a family activity: Take the whole family to the park to fly a kite. This