>#290: Daydream

>Ahhhh… sit back, relax, and daydream. A daydream is like dreaming in the day while you are awake. Your imagination takes over and before you know it, your mind is making all kinds of stories and ‘dreams’ to keep you entertained. I don’t really recommend daydreaming in school though–you might get in trouble for not

>#222: Jigsaw Puzzle

>Put together a jigsaw puzzle, or put together one you’ve made. For added challenge, see how fast you can put it together. Can you do it blindfolded? Make this a family activity: work on a big puzzle with your whole family. This activity promotes shape awareness and spatial skills.

>#154: Yoga

>Let’s get bendy! Yoga relaxes your mind and body and promotes flexibility. Here are five common poses to get you started. You can learn more about yoga from a book, video or class. Remember to keep breathing and be gentle with your body. Yoga should never hurt. Warrior pose Cat pose Child pose Cobra pose