Magnetic Pennies: Will They Stick?


Magnetic Pennies

Are your pennies magnetic?

Do you have a jar full of pennies? Ever wondered if they are magnetic? Magnetic pennies? Wait a second… pennies are made of copper which is not magnetic. Why are we talking about magnetic pennies?

Because some of them… wait for it… are!

Yes, some pennies are magnetic.

Which Pennies are Magnetic?

Some years for pennies and even some random batches within years have been made with more steel than copper which means those pennies are magnetic and will stick to a magnet.

Want to try it?

Grab a handful of pennies and run a magnet over them. See what sticks.

We found that it wasn’t consistent which pennies stuck and even which years would stick. Of our Canadian pennies, approximately half of them were magnetic pennies.

Make a Penny Chain

Can you make a chain of pennies? In other words, find the magnetic pennies and see how many you can dangle in a chain off your magnet. Does the magnet size and strength make a difference? Can you spin some of the pennies in your chain?

How about you? Do you have some magnetic pennies hanging out at home?

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