Three-Way Thumb War

How the Three-Way Thumb War Came to Be

A three-way thumb war

Leave it to kids. They want to have a thumb war, but there are three who want to play this two player game. Nobody wants to be left out. What to do?

An adult would say: Tough luck.

OR:Someone will be left out.

OR: You can’t.

OR: Play something else.

A kid would say: Let’s try it and see what happens.

It’s this spirit and willingness to experiment and try things that may seem impossible that leads to creative solutions in our world as well as interesting and effective products (like computers, smart phones, radios, roads, planes, etc.) and in the Oram-Graham world… a three-way thumb war.

How to Play Thumb War… OR …How to Have a Thumb War

Here are the basics of a thumb war if you have never heard or seen one before.

Two people grip their right hands together almost like they are going to shake hands. Instead, they curl their fingers in, hooking their fingers to each other with their thumbs sticking up. Players have to keep holding onto each other’s hand. If they let go, they forfeit the game. (I.e. lose.)

Once ready, the players say: One, two, three four, I declare a thumb war!

If they want, they can have their thumbs ‘shake hands’ and get in their ‘corners’ before they start playing. Andddd… go!

The first to pin the other person’s thumb down with their thumb for 10 seconds wins. If the other person slips their thumb out before 10 seconds is up (you count out loud) the game continues on.

How to Play Thumb War with Three Players

Having a thumb war with three people is pretty much the same. Only there is this kooky chaos element to it. The third person slips their hand into the hands of the others just like with two players (only the hand holding is fatter now) and there are three thumbs in the ring! Look out! There are two thumbs out to try and pin you!

Players can work together to pin others or not!

* This is a great game for deciding who goes first (or who will be it) in a game.

What’s your favourite ‘who goes first‘ game?


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