Outside Play. Kids paddling a boat in a pond.

Playing outside is vital for the well-being of our children. They learn and develop so much playing in the great outdoors. Everything from lowering their risk of depression and attention problems to learning about their planet, their relation to it, reduce their risk of obesity, gain physical coordination, navigation skills, and more. There are many reasons to play outside and many ways to play outside. In the winter, in the rain, in the dark…


What are you looking for? Let me help bring free play (unstructured play) into the lives of you and your kids.




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Active Outside Games

Kids Playing Leap Frog for active outside games

Dark Outside Play Activities

Dark Outside. Picture of children and families playing outside in the dark--night skating.

General Outside Play Activities

Outside play for kids--boy on bike

Nature Inspired Outside Play Activities

Nature Free Play for Kids --girl with gopher

Water Play Activities

Water Play for Kids


Outside Winter Play Activities

Winter Play Activities for Kids Play--picture of child skating



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