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Play is vital for the development of children of all ages. It is the natural way children learn and is the way their brains have adapted and evolved for optimum development. For happy, healthy children, bring on the unstructured play (that ‘free’ play that allows children to create their own ‘rules’ without planning and scheduling from adults. The stuff where a cardboard box can be a space ship, car, house, goblin trap, and hot air balloon all in one afternoon). Here are some ideas to help you get started.




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What kind of play are you looking for today?

Citizenship and Discovery

]Citizenship and Discovery for Kids - Child holding seashell


Food Fun

Food Fun for Kids--Decorated Cupcakes to look like Mice

Musical Play

Musical Free Play Fun for Kids - toddler and piano

Plugged in Free Play

plugged in play ideas for kids

Pure Kids Play

Free play that is pure kids play --picture of a girl in a tree

Reading, Writing, and ‘rithmetic Play

Reading, Writing, and Number for Kids - baby reading book


Silly Play and Challenges

Silly Play and Challenges for Kids - picture of child wearing snorkling gear on land.


Kids Jokes

Clean Jokes for Kids - girl with hair over her face


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