>#280: Build a Project

>Build a project. Use scrap wood or get your parents to take you to the hardware store to buy a kit or the materials you will need to build your project. What to build? A shelf, a box, a small table, a bird house, a bird feeder… the ideas are endless! Make this a family

>#197: Build a Raft

>Rafting can be a lot of fun. If you have the supplies and adult help, you can make a raft big enough for you and a friend. Or, make a small one by gluing popsicle sticks together to make a toy raft for the bathtub. Safety First: Don’t forget to check for water hazards (rocks,

>#164: Make a Birdhouse

>To make a birdhouse, you will need some building supplies. You can find these at a hardware store. Sometimes hardware stores also have birdhouse kits that include all the pieces you need to make a birdhouse–already cut–along with instructions. If you are feeling creative and want to build a birdhouse without a kit, you can

>#112: Build a car, truck or submarine

>Using a cardboard box, build yourself a vehicle (a car, truck, submarine or even something else). To make your vehicle bigger, tape two boxes together or use a large fridge box. To make your box look like the vehicle you want, draw or paint the outside. You can use paper plates to make a steering