It’s All Kid’s Play plays well with others. Here are a few playdates we’ve had with other sites. Come play along.

If you are looking for someone to guest post or write a feature about play for your site, newsletter, newspaper, or magazine, we are (okay, just Jean–it’s just one momma running this show) always looking for places to jump on our spotted unicorn, don our cape and tiara while wielding the sword of play. I can also use my indoor voice and talk to your parent/mom groups about the value of play.


University of Calgary Wiki Cross-Curricular ResourcesListed under Games and Activities

PlayGroundHunt.orgSummer Playground Challenge: How Can We Revitalize Playgrounds and Bring Them Back as Neighbourhood Hubs?

Modern Life Blogs5 Reasons to Parent Like Our Parents

The Indie ChicksMom Guilt is a Deadly Swamp: Just Play

Homeschooling Carnival – Various blog posts

Parent Link – 90 minute in-person chat with a toddler mom group about the value of free play–the different kinds and what they offer as developmental benefits for kids. – referenced in a “how to” article


To discuss guest posts, interviews, and more, please contact Jean Oram.

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