>#364: Musical Chairs

>Number of players for musical chairs: 5 or more. To play musical chairs, you will need: music, chairs (one for each player—minus two). Musical chairs rules: Place chairs in a circle, the seats facing out. One player is in charge of the music, the others are trying to get a chair to sit on when


>Play peek-a-boo with a baby. Babies love to see people disappear and then reappear. Cover your face with your hands (disappear–the baby can’t see your face) and then open your hands to show your face (appear–the baby can see you again) and say, “Peek-a-boo!” The baby will laugh and smile. Make this a family activity:

Memory Game

>This memory game is played with playing cards. Take the deck of cards and arrange them face down on a table or the floor. During your turn, flip over two cards, leaving them in their spot. If they are a pair, take them. If they are not a pair, turn them face down again. It

War (Card Game)

>To play the card game ‘War,’ you will need 2 decks of playing cards and two players. The rules for War: Each player gets a deck of cards (make sure you shuffle them well). Players face each other at a table or sitting on the floor. At the same time, each player takes the top