Binoculars and Kids

Look at the world through binoculars

Take a Look at the World With Fresh Eyes

One of the coolest things about hanging out with kids is how they see the world. It’s fresh. Unique. Now give those kids a pair of binoculars? Wow.

Suddenly the world opens up. They can see across the strait–there are building over there. They can see that bird close up. And they can really see Mom up close and personal! (Yeah, what can I say, I like to make faces at them as soon as they focus on me.)

Take your kid outdoors. Hand them a pair of binoculars and see what they discover.

Add to the Discovery

Ask your kids some questions about what they see with the binoculars:

What did you see?

What surprised you?

Is it different if you hold the binoculars upside down?

What happens if you move the dial (focusing)?

How do clouds look?

How about trees?

Can you spot any animals?

What does the ground look like?

What if you look through the other end?

If you have ’em… move on to a microscope or magnifying glass for a different kind of focus.

Do your kids like looking through binoculars? What do they like to look at?

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