Crazy Snow Angels

Snow angels


Guess what we have?

Snow, snow, glorious snow! And it is light, fluffy powder… perfect for… snow angels!!!

In case you missed how to make a snow angel when you were a kid… here’s how to make a snow angel:

Wear your snow gear so you don’t freeze and get snow everywhere. Brr.

Flop over backwards into the snow.

Sweep your arms up and down in the snow.

Carefully stand up, trying not to wreck your snow angel. (Have a friend help you.)



In an outdoor hot tub or hot springs? Pop out in your bathing suit, roll in the snow and make an angel, then jump back in. It’s not as bad as it sounds. Trust me.

In your pajamas! Yeah, been there, done that. You want to be really quick!

No snow? Got sand? Make a sand angel. Same way–just don’t flop down as hard. Ouch!


Get out there and play! What’s your favourite snow angel memory?

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