Halloween Tracing Craft

Chalk Art that is a Bat Tracing For Kids This Halloween

Make this easy Halloween chalk art craft with your kids!

Happy Halloween!


I was looking through some of the crafts and things my kids have and what did I find? An easy Halloween craft that is also an easy arts and craft activity for other times of the year–those are always the best.

Chalk Art for Kids

What you’ll need for this craft:

A bat shape–whether you make it out of cardstock or have one of those plastic tracers (can be another animal! In fact, this would be an easy, fun craft for farm animal units and is an easy preschool craft as well.). Basically, you will need a distinguishable shape that you can colour with chalk.

Black construction paper.

Lots of different coloured chalk.

Tissues (This craft is so easy and beautiful you’re gonna cry! Actually, it is for the craft, but you are welcome to cry at this craft’s simple beauty.)

Hair spray (optional–the non-sticky kind is best)

Hey, joke time! What do which use to style their hair? Scare spray! Ha, ha, ha!

Here’s what you do to make this bat craft:

1. Colour the tracer with chalk. Lots of colour! Use different colours and go crazy!

2. Hold the tracer in place on top of the black construction paper.

3. Gently wipe (with the tissue) from the middle of the tracer outwards off the edge of the tracer onto the paper. Continue brushing/wiping outwards in different directions until you have wiped all the colour off the tracer and have a complete outline of your bat (or whatever tracer you have or have created). Don’t over-wipe. One gentle wipe in each direction should be enough.

4. Spray the paper lightly with hair spray to bond the chalk to the page–that way it won’t smear and wipe off.

There you go. An easy Halloween craft and easy chalk art for your kids.

Do you have any favourite chalk art masterpieces you’d like to share?

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