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Binoculars and Kids

Take a Look at the World With Fresh Eyes One of the coolest things about hanging out with kids is how they see the world. It’s fresh. Unique. Now give those kids a pair of binoculars? Wow. Suddenly the world opens up. They can see across the strait–there are building over there. They can see

Who Does your Hair: Kids (Boys) Play Hairdresser

That is one fab hairdo you are sporting. Who does your hair? Is it your kids? Let’s Play Hairdresser! Kids love to play hairdresser (um, don’t give them the scissors though, okay?) whether it is on themselves (dear lord, please no scissors), on their friends (um, sorry about the scissors), or on us (I hear

Free Play in Action

[divider] Right now the kids are ‘scanning’ old reward cards through the babygate and having a blast. That is free play in action. It’s the kind of play that rolls with the punches, is fun for two kids with a seven year age gap, and builds creativity as well as a relationship that is built