Who Does your Hair: Kids (Boys) Play Hairdresser

Play hairdresser. The hairdresser game for boys and girls.

That is one fab hairdo you are sporting. Who does your hair? Is it your kids?

Let’s Play Hairdresser!

Kids love to play hairdresser (um, don’t give them the scissors though, okay?) whether it is on themselves (dear lord, please no scissors), on their friends (um, sorry about the scissors), or on us (I hear scissors back there!).

Playing hairdresser is not only a fun thing to do–did your parents ever let you do their hair?–it makes kids feel like they are a little more grown up, a little more creative, and a little more important. As well, playing hairdresser teaches kids a bit about empathy (sometimes it really is hard to get the tangles out without hurting!), as well as gives them a chance for some physical contact and bonding.

While it is usually girls wanting to play hairdresser, why not include the boys in your life next time? They’ll enjoy getting to brush your hair and try those crazy hair accessories as well. As well, coloured gel and other fun stuff makes hairdressing a little more ooey gooey and a little more fun for the guys. And if you are thinking boys really don’t need to be playing with hair, here are a few reasons…

Why Boys Should Play Hairdresser

  • Boys need physical contact as much as girls do; they just need it in different ways. Hairdressing is a gentle way for them to get that contact and to get that contact in a different way. (My son doesn’t like to cuddle, but he’ll brush people’s hair and rub his hands through their hair and let us do the same to him.)
  • Boys tend to get less physical contact and physical reassurance than girls do, but they need it every bit as much.
  • It creates empathy (as mentioned above).
  • It allows for self-expression in a new form.
  • It’s tactile which will appeal to boys.
  • It feels good.
  • It is hands on and is a bit of that whole ‘build it, take it apart’ thing that appeals to boys.
  • It can teach them a bit about hygiene. (We hope.)
  • It allows them to try things that are considered ‘girly’ in a safe environment allowing them to explore and experience the world in a new way–important for healthy development especially when it comes to understanding others and creating acceptance.
  • It expands their world view. In other words, they just might get why it takes women so long to get ready in the morning.
  • And finally, when they are all grown up and have daughters of their own they are going to be the best darn daddy out there if they aren’t afraid to work a barrette and play with hair.

How about you? Have you and your kids played hairdresser recently? Let your kids get creative. You may end up accepting UPS packages with doilies in your hair, but it will be well worth watching the poor man do a double-take.


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