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Crazy Stuff Scavenger Hunt

Going on a car trip? Need a fun and hilarious travel game for the kids? Or maybe you just need an easy and fun game to play as you zip around town doing your errands. Either way, I’ve got a great game for your kids to play. And it’s so much fun you won’t want

Three-Way Thumb War

How the Three-Way Thumb War Came to Be Leave it to kids. They want to have a thumb war, but there are three who want to play this two player game. Nobody wants to be left out. What to do? An adult would say: Tough luck. OR:Someone will be left out. OR: You can’t. OR:

Ring Toss Craft and Activity/Game

Do your kids have Olympic fever? Or maybe they’re just looking for a fun game to play around the house (hello, rainy day activity!), or one to play at a birthday party… either way, I’ve got you covered. This ring toss game is an easy craft using recycled materials you can find around the house.

Find a Coin From the Year You Were Born

>What year were you born? Can you find a coin from that year? Coins are stamped with the year they were made. Take a close look and see if you can find the year. Is it the year you were born? The older you are, the harder it is to find a coin from that

See How Far You Can Jump

>How far can you jump? What if you run and jump? What about on one leg? The other leg? Can you jump as far? Can you jump as far if you use both legs? How high can you jump? This activity promotes physical activity and challenging one’s limits.