Crazy Stuff Scavenger Hunt


Going on a car trip? Need a fun and hilarious travel game for the kids? Or maybe you just need an easy and fun game to play as you zip around town doing your errands. Either way, I’ve got a great game for your kids to play. And it’s so much fun you won’t want to be left out!

Crazy Stuff Scavenger Hunt

Last November my husband, brother, his girlfriend, and I created this game while enjoying the interesting city of San Francisco. Basically what you do is keep your eyes peeled for interesting or unique things you might not see every day. For example, in the photo above the person who spotted the turkey with the pumpkin head dressed in the Santa suit got points. This kind of costume is not something you see every day and is most definitely worth pointing out.

If you are thinking when on earth are you going to see something like that, fear not. You can point out simpler things like a man walking three dogs at once or someone wearing an interesting headband or a kid doing a little jig in the cookie aisle. Little things that might make you smile.

Rules of the game

Keep your eyes peeled. When you see something interesting you call it out. For example: man wearing a turkey costume with a pumpkin head wearing a Santa suit? Check! And then you act like you are checking it off your invisible scavenger hunt list.

We didn’t make a list because we never knew what we might find. The best part was how it tuned us into our surroundings and gave us something fun to focus on. We were big kids playing in the city.

We didn’t keep points as it was the spirit of the game that was the most fun for us. And when separated we’d go as far as text our findings to each other. You can declare a winner in the end for the most items found or fir the best and most memorable.

Going on spring break or a trip to the store? Play this crazy scavenger hunt game! What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen?

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