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Night Skating for the Family

If you are anything at all like me when it gets cold and dark (three words: December in Canada) all I want to do is listen to my instincts to curl up and hibernate–and that means stuffing my face and staying inside doing diddly squat. BUT (if you don’t want to gain a pile of

Crazy Snow Angels

SNOW ANGELS Guess what we have? Snow, snow, glorious snow! And it is light, fluffy powder… perfect for… snow angels!!! In case you missed how to make a snow angel when you were a kid… here’s how to make a snow angel: Wear your snow gear so you don’t freeze and get snow everywhere. Brr.

>#384: Sledding / Tobogganing

>Go sledding or tobogganing! Dress up warm, watch out for rocks, trees, and other people and have a blast! Make this a family activity: Get the whole family out there–it’s great exercise and can chip away at those winter blues. This activity promotes physical activity and enjoying the great outdoors.

Ice Fishing

>Go ice fishing! You’ll need special ice fishing gear–like an ice auger and maybe even an ice fishing hut to keep you warm. If you know someone who ice fishes, ask them if you can come along. They’d probably be totally delighted to show you how and to lend you a rod! Hint: Maggots make

>#378: Hot Chocolate

>Have you been playing outside? Have a cup of hot chocolate to warm you up. Add a few mini marshmallows if you have them to up the fun factor. Safety First: Don’t make it too hot and have an adult help you! Make this a family activity: Make enough hot chocolate to share with your


>Go snowmobiling! Make fun in the snow. Safety First: Have an adult drive and always wear a helmet. As well, stay on trails and be sure to stay in areas cleared of avalanches in mountain areas. Make this a family activity: Go for a ride with your mom or dad. This activity promotes learning about

>#353: Snowball Fight

>Make snowballs and have a snowball fight! Safety First: Be sure that your snowballs don’t have ice chunks, rocks, or other hard spots in them–you don’t want to hurt someone when the snowball hits them. Make this a family activity: Have a snowball fight with the whole family. This activity promotes aim and gross motor