Night Skating for the Family

night skating with the family

If you are anything at all like me when it gets cold and dark (three words: December in Canada) all I want to do is listen to my instincts to curl up and hibernate–and that means stuffing my face and staying inside doing diddly squat.

BUT (if you don’t want to gain a pile of weight, you want to combat depression, and get invigorated) then what you need to do–even if you have to force yourself–is to jump off the couch, brush the shortbread crumbs from your chin and don your skates. And while you’ve at it, toss some on your kids as well. (Of course.)

Playing outside in the winter is as equally important (if not more so) as during the warmer months. During the winter months it can be difficult to get vitamin D (from the sun) which is important for bone development and strength–scary fact, some kids are getting rickets due to a vitamin deficiency! But going outside can help! As well, being active helps with mood and seasonal affect disorders which can be a serious issue if you live in regions with less sunlight at this time of year.

The problem is… it can be difficult to get out during the day if the kids are at school and at night it is cold and dark. But you know what else? The night is still a great time to be active, get out, connect with others and boost your mental health as well as physical health with an activity like night skating.

The best part? Time together. This family time can create memories and experiences that help build individual as well as family resiliency. Plus, being active can help with confidence, body image, and more.

And how about night skating (night ice skating, that is)? It’s good for many things. Let’s see… balance, coordination, muscle strength, gross motor skills, and if you add a hockey stick–eye-hand coordination and timing.

How about you? How do you keep your family active during the winter months?

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