Mad Lib Fun For Kids

Feel free to print this mad lib or paste it into a word processor so you can fill in the blanks. I’ve also got a pdf version you can download.

Mad libs for kids are a great way to teach them about story creation, parts of speech, all while playing and having a great time.



To The Moon!: An Outdoor, Mad Lib Adventure

By Jean Oram


The other day I was playing a video game when it started to act all _________________ (ADVERB). I decided to go outside

where it was ___________________ (WEATHER). I put on my _________________ (PIECE OF CLOTHING) and went

out. To my surprise it was really ___________________ (ADJECTIVE).


I wandered around, a little bit _____________________ (MOOD), before finding a ________________________

(NOUN) in the _____________________ (NOUN). I carried it around with me before putting it on a

______________________ (NOUN). I stared at it. I knew it would make something really ____________________

(ADJECTIVE) but I couldn’t figure out what. My friend, ____________________ (NAME)

__________________________ (NOUN) with my new found thing. All afternoon we worked. We used a

_______________________ (NOUN) a lot. But then I banged my ________________________ (BODY PART) with it

so we decided to use ________________________________ (NOUN PLURAL) instead. That worked and before long we

had a ________________________ (ADJECTIVE) ______________________ (NOUN) that looked like it had been

______________________ (VERB PAST TENSE) through a ____________________ (NOUN).


By now we were getting really hungry and so when a ________________________ (ANIMAL) _____________________

(VERB PAST TENSE) by, my friend tried to eat it. He said it tasted like _________________________ (FLAVOUR) when he

licked it. He likes _______________________ (SAME FLAVOUR) but sometimes it gives him the

_________________________ (VERB PAST TENSE). That’s not as fun as it sounds.


After my friend’s snack, we looked at our creation for awhile and realized if we moved the ____________________ (NOUN)

on our project to the __________________ (DIRECTION) it would look just like a space ship. Maybe we could go to the moon!

When our ship was ready, we _________________________ (VERB PAST TENSE) in and breathed in the

______________________ (ADJECTIVE) outdoor air. The sun was starting to go down and it looked like

______________________ (FOOD PLURAL). We pushed the _______________________ (ADJECTIVE) on our project

and rode off into the sunset like we were a couple of ________________________ (SOMETHING SILLY). We were off to the



Mad Lib Instructions:

1. Print off this mad lib or paste it into a word processor so you can fill in the blanks.
2. Get one person to read out what ind of words they need (adjective, noun, etc. as shown in capital letters behind the blank) to fill in the blanks of the story (don’t read the story out loud yet.) Have the other person call out words to fill in those blanks.
3. Read out the story with it’s new words and try not to laugh too hard!


Reminder on parts of speech:

Noun: An object. Think of it as something you could pick up and put in a suitcase. Like a cloud, person, table, etc.
Adjective: A describing word. It describes a noun. Such as a beautiful house or a strong man.
Verb: A doing word. An action. I ran, walked, jumped, squealed, and swam.
Adverb: Describes a verb (and action). Ends in “ly.” He shouted loudly.


This mad lib has been created by Jean Oram (copyright 2012) as part of It’s All Kids’ If you would like to share this mad lib with others such as your class, please go ahead with attribution (mention my site as the source). Thanks.

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