>#206: Have a Campfire/Bonfire

>A bonfire is a large fire. You can make a small ‘bonfire’ or a ‘campfire’ in a fire pit. Anybody know any scary stories? Roast marshmallows? Roast wieners? Safety First: Never play with or around a fire. Make sure an adult sets up and lights the fire. Also make sure you have water ready to

>#177: Go To The Playground

>Go to the playground. Is there a kid or two you don’t know? Introduce yourself and play! Make it a family activity: Take the whole family for a walk to the playground. This activity promotes physical activity.

>#173: Water Balloon Fights

>Fill up water balloons with water and have a water balloon fight outside! (Water balloons are a special balloon that are perfect for water balloon fights.) Make this a family activity: Get the whole family in the water fight! This activity promotes aim.

>#167: Catch Butterflies

>Let’s go outside and catch butterflies! When catching butterflies and moths, you must be gentle. They have a layer of special dust that coats their wings that is needed for their health and ability to fly. This activity promotes curiosity and learning about flying insects.

>#146: Scooter

> Weeeeeeeeeeeeee! Go for a spin on a scooter. Don’t have one? Try out a friend’s. Safety First: Remember your helmet! This activity promotes balance and coordination.

>#138: Find a Fossil

>What is a fossil? A fossil is a plant or animal that’s shape has been preserved in rock. Generally, fossils are over 10,000 years old. If you live in an area with a lot of fossils, you might be able to find fossils right in your playground! Or, maybe the local museum has fossil digging

>#134: Horseshoes

>The game of horseshoes is also called horseshoe pitching. You will need a stake and two horseshoes for each player. Players stand back and throw their horseshoe at the stake. They are trying to get a “ringer”. This means, their horseshoe is hooked around the stake. Players get 3 points for a ringer. If both