>#273: Hopscotch

>Play hopscotch.

Using chalk, draw 8 or 10 boxes like shown above. (Using one colour is fine.) Next, you have to hop on one foot from box to box, starting at #1. Boxes that are beside each other (like #3 and #4) are jumped on with two feet. (So, hop off #2 and land on #3 and #4 at the same time with your left foot on #3 and you right foot on #4.) When you reach the end, turn around (still hopping) and hop back to the beginning, landing once in each box like you did before.

To make it trickier, toss a rock onto one of the boxes. The box that the rock lands on, you have to skip over (hop over) and you cannot land on it at all.

Make this a family activity: draw hopscotch on the sidewalk in front of your house/apartment and get the whole family playing.

This activity promotes strength and coordination.

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