>#254: Wiggle Your Ears

>Can you wiggle your ears like a rabbit–without using your hands? I can’t, but some people can. Do you have the talent? Make this a family activity: See if there is anyone in your family who can wiggle their ears. This activity promotes fine motor skill and isolated muscle control awareness.

>#251: Make a Baby Giggle

>How can you make a baby giggle? Tickles, peek-a-boo, funny faces and funny sounds are one way to make a baby giggle. Dad’s have their own special methods of making babies giggle. Make this a family activity: Work together to make the baby giggle. This activity promotes empathy.

>#241: No Thumbs

>What can you do without thumbs? Have a friend gently tape your thumbs to the side of your hand. Try different things like tying your shoes and writing your name. Make this a family activity: Have everyone tape down a thumb. See who can do what with no thumbs. This activity promotes motor skill awareness.

Staring Contest

>Have a staring contest. Find a friend and stare at each other. See who blinks first or looks away. Make this a family activity: See who can stare the longest. This activity promotes body language awareness.

>#224: Build a House of Cards

>Can you build a house of cards? Take a deck of playing cards and try stacking them up. How many can you stack before the house falls down? Make this a family activity: Everyone work together–and nobody sneeze. This activity promotes eye hand coordination, patience and engineering skills.