>#332: Pick Things Up With Your Toes

>Can you pick things up with your toes? Try picking up pencils, rubber balls, socks, and other small things using your toes instead of your fingers. Can you do it? Who has ‘finger toes’ and use their toes like fingers to pick things up? Make this a family activity: See if anyone has ‘finger toes.’

>#309: Look at the World Upside Down

>Get yourself upside down. Now look at the world. Are you inside? Do the doorjambs look strange? Are you outside? Do the trees look odd? Make this a family activity: Get the whole family hanging their head off the couch or bed and looking at things upside down. This activity promotes learning about different perspectives.

>#289: Martial Arts

>Karate, Kung Fu, Tai Kwon Do, Judo and Jujitsu are several forms of martial arts. Can you defend yourself? Make this a family activity: Take a martial arts family class. This activity promotes self-discipline, confidence, balance, strength and coordination.

>#282: Rearrange Your Room

>Move things around in your room to make it look different. You may need to ask your parents first and always ask for help when moving bigger things like a shelf or dresser. Make this a family activity: Get the family in your room to help you move the big stuff. This activity promotes spatial

>#279: Take Something Apart

>Take something apart–just make sure you ask your parents if it is okay first. What to take apart? Find something that isn’t working (is broken) and take out the screws. Maybe an old computer, radio or iron. Make sure it is unplugged! Make this a family activity: Explore the inner workings of the broken object

>#266: Burp the Alphabet

>Always a fun one for boys (and some girls). Can you burp the alphabet? As you burp, try to make your burp sound like a letter of the alphabet. Can you do all 26 letters? ABCDEF… Make this a family activity: Who can burp the most letters? This activity promotes vocal chord range.