Have an Arm Wrestle

> How strong are you? To have an arm wrestle, sit at a small table with a friend. Each person places the elbow of their right arm on the table. (You can also have left handed arm wrestles.) Hold hands and at the count of three, see who can push the other person’s hand to

>#55: Can’t Touch the Floor

>There are different variations for this tricky game, but the rules are the same: your feet can’t touch the floor. You may have to walk on your hands, crawl, roll or slither on your stomach. Or, maybe NONE of your body can touch the floor. In this case, use pieces of paper or cushions as

>#43: Crazy Arms

>Try this tricky business: Stand in a doorjamb with your arms out at your sides. Push the tops of your hands against the doorjamb. Push as hard as you can for about thirty seconds. It has to be for a long time, otherwise it won’t work. Step out of the doorjamb and relax your arms.

>#33: Burst a Paper Bag

>All you need for this one is a paper bag (like a lunch bag) and some air in your lungs. Open the paper bag and scrunch the top of the paper bag so you can blow into it. Blow the bag up so it is tight, holding the top of the bag closed. Now bang

>#9: Flip a Coin

> Take a coin and flip it up into the air. Try and catch it. Without looking at it, flip it over and the back of your hand–then peek at it. Is it heads or tails? ‘Heads’ has the picture of the person on it, the other side (usually a plant or animal) is ‘tails’.