The Deadly Swamp of Mom Guilt

Do you experience Mom Guilt? Maybe just a niggle here and there or maybe full-fledged what-the-heck kind of Mom Guilt. If you have ever wondered if your kids would be better just playing in the backyard than being trundled off to after-school activities that are supposed to broaden their development and skills before it is too late, I have a post for you!

Bathing Suit? I don't need no stinkin' bathing suit. My mom is bad ass.

Today I am over at The Indie Chicks Online Mag sharing my thoughts (and some research) on the importance of letting our kids roam and play. So go grab a glass of wine, let the kids see how much playdough they can stick to the underside of the dining room table before it peels off, and click this linky to read my take on Mom Guilt and letting our kids play.

Teaser: I call you a “kick a$$ mom.” (That’s so unlike me!)

This post just might change your life! (And if it doesn’t, well, have another glass of wine. You’re doing just fine!)

Don’t miss it, and most of all…


The Indie Chicks Contributor


P.S. How do you survive parenting guilt? Has parenting guilt made you change your life?

(It once caused me to give up a job I loved–being a school librarian. I also have since then given up offers to work in other schools as well as the public library sector. Wah! But then I found this job–writing! I love it and it’s flexible. It doesn’t matter if the kids are sick–I don’t have t call in anywhere or worry (at least not more than usual). Yay! It’s win-win.)

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