16 Ways to Make Reading Playful

Have you ever wondered how to make your kid a reader? In this three part blog series I’ve covered how to turn your kids into readers (12 ways), how to get books into the hands of your kids (11 inexpensive and fun ways) and today we’re going to put the final touches on building a reader–how to make it playful so they continue to enjoy reading and equate reading with fun and play!

So if you have a reluctant reader, try these tips:

14 Ways to make reading playful

And I thought of two more ideas!

15. Read choose your own adventure books.
16. Create music or a song to go with the story you’ve read.

How about you? How do you make reading playful for kids and help build a reader for life?

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  2. Reply

    Love it Jean! The site looks fantastic!!

    Reading aloud with kids is so much fun. I read to my students (grade 6) every day and it’s usually the best part of the day – everyone enjoys a story!

    • Reply

      Thank, Jemi!

      Everyone does enjoy a story, don’t they? I know some high school math teachers who will read to their students in class. As in read fiction novels to them here and there. The kids love it. 🙂

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