Sticker it Up!: Fine Motor Skill Development

Sticker it up--stickers

Fine Motor Skill Development Activities For Kids

Have you noticed if we say that a silly, fun, playful activity like stickering up a page with stickers is good for our child’s development we are more likely to promote it and give it importance?

Well, most silly, kid’s play is actually good for their development. But this sticker activity show in the photo above is particularly good for developing fine motor skills. And yeah, it’s a bit nuts how my toddler piled the stickers over top of each other, but he’s learning something there too. He’s learning spatial awareness, layering, how things still exist even when they ‘disappear.’ So many things!

And it also works as a quiet activity we can do together–I peel the stickers off the sticker paper and he places them on the page. It’s fun, it is a way to connect–and I can ensure the stickers don’t end up on the walls or in the dog! But it also has created a sense of pride in my son. He loves this craft. It is proudly displayed in his room and he enjoys adding to it day after day.

So grab some stickers and sticker it up! (It’s not like when I was a kid and stickers were hard to come by!)

What activity do you enjoy with your kids that promotes unexpected development perks?

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