Easy Paperback Book Crafts: It’s an Elephant!

paperback book craft for kids

An Easy Paperback Book Craft for Kids: An Elephant

What is Going on Here!?

Okay, I’ll admit. When I saw the librarian at the local library teaching my daughter how to make this paperback book craft I had a mini aneurysm on the spot.

GAH! What. Are. You. Doing. To. Those. Books!!??!!?!!?

And in a library no less.

And Then…

Once I got over my aneurysm I realized this was a totally kick butt craft and I’d never seen anything like it. PLUS, it totally inspired my daughter to research other book type crafts with her grandmother–including making her own book out of triangle shaped coffee filters. So if you can get over the initial “OhMyGodWhatAreYouDoingToThatBook” freak out (I recommend getting an old paperback book at a second hand store or garage sale. Or at least make sure Mom is done reading it first) this is an awesome and super-easy craft for your kids. It would also–dare I say it–be a great literature craft for kids or even a Freedom to Read Week craft.

How to Make an Animal Out of a Paperback Book (Craft):

  1. Find an old paperback nobody wants to read again.
  2. Open paperback.
  3. Read a page.
  4. Remember what you are doing.
  5. Find the middle of the book.
  6. Grab about 10-15 pages and fold them over, tucking the edges of the pages into the spine.
  7. Read a page.
  8. Remember you are in the middle of making a craft. Make a cup of tea. I mean, proceed to next step.
  9. Keep grabbing 10-15 pages and folding them over and tucking them in. Continue until all the pages are tucked in and the book curls around on itself.
  10. Trim off the part of the cover that sticks out past the folded over pages. Scissors work fine. Teeth don’t do a very nice job. Not that I would know that, I’m simply guessing.
  11. You now have a head for your book animal.
  12. Make a face for the head. You can draw and cut out face parts like my daughter did for the paperback book craft pictured above, or use things like googly eyes, yarn, pipe cleaners or paint (tricky, tricky!) to create a face that dazzles you!
  13. Make more.

And enjoy!

What kind of animal will your paperback become?

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