Paper Plate Boat Craft

Paper Plate boat craft

Go boys? Got paper plates? Want an easy paper plate craft for toddlers?

Gotcha covered!

Paper Plate Craft For Toddlers: A Boat!

This easy boat craft will be a hit with toddlers, and boys in particular. You don’t need much for supplies, it helps fine motor skills, and is fun to play with too!

Supplies Needed For A Paper Plate Boat Craft

  • One thin paper plate
  • markers or paint
  • construction paper
  • scissors
  • glue stick

How to Make a Paper Plate Boat Craft

  1. Cut out a trapezoid (the wonky rectangle with the fat bottom) [boat hull], long skinny rectangle [mast], and a triangle [sail] from the construction paper.
  2. Have your child paint or colour the paper plate’s bottom. This is the ocean for which your boat will sail upon.
  3. Glue the pieces of boat together by overlapping the pieces.
  4. Fold the paper plate in half so the bottom is ‘out.’
  5. Glue the boat onto the paper plate’s fold so it sticks up a bit like it the photo above.
  6. Voila. Give the paper plate a bit of a tap to make it rock back and forth and your boat is riding the waves–or maybe the stormy sea if your toddler is anything like mine!

Enjoy! Have fun. Play on!

Do you have a favourite paper plate craft? What is it?

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