Make a Bookmark: Homemade Hairpin Bookmark

This is such an easy yet beautiful homemade craft. What is it? It’s a homemade hairpin bookmark. Make a bookmark with simple items you have around the house–great for all ages!

Make a bookmark using hairpins and ribbons.

How to Make a Bookmark

My daughter came up with this easy craft. Here’s how:

Take a few thin ribbons, beads, sequins, and hairpins (bobby pins).

Thread the ribbon half way through the eye of the bobby pin.

Slide beads or sequins either onto the ribbon on the bobby pin or both.

Tie a knot to hold the ribbon in place on the bobby pin.

Slide the pin onto your page to hold your spot in your book.

Voila! Done!

This craft makes a great birthday party activity as well as a great homemade gift idea.

Have you made a homemade bookmark? What is your favourite method?

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