Take the Kids to the Horse Races


Have you ever been to the horse races? Last year they started a horse race track near where we live. So of course I had to check it out and take the kids to the horse races!

And yes, some of you might be aghast and thinking: You took your kids to the track!!??

Yes. Yes, I did. And it rocked.

Horse Races--Go to the races


Here’s Why The Track Rocked

Taking the kids to the horse races was a one of a kind experience. Not only was it free to watch the races, we toured the barns to see all the horses, jockeys, and the “bikes.” (I’m not a 100% sure we were allowed to do that, but we acted like we were supposed to be there and stayed out of the way and nobody said anything. So maybe?)

We sat in the front row. We sat in the back row. We sat way up in the air conditioned building where the announcer was. (Well, not in his booth, but up in the building where we could see him through a window.)

Not only that–they gave us free ice cream! What could be better than that?

Pretty much nothing.

We people watched. We hung out. We took in everything. It was all a new experience.

It was a great way to spend an hour. And no, we didn’t place any bets. But we did try to guess which horse was going to be the fastest. We weren’t very accurate. But it was a fun challenge for us and a nice little game to play.

So what are you doing today? Maybe there is something you would never consider doing with the kids that might just turn out to be an awesome family activity. Like taking the kids to the horse races. 😉

Give it a shot and…


Over to you: Share a story of somewhere you went that didn’t seem like a “family” place or was “backstage” that ended up being a pile of fun. I love hearing about stories of the unexpected!


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