Balloon Animals for the Kids!

Balloon Animals!


Who doesn’t love balloon animals? No. Really. Do you know anyone? I don’t. Because…

Balloon animals rock.

First, there are a few things you need in order to make successful balloon animals.

  1. Balloon animal balloons. Those long, skinny things that are impossible to blow up using your own lungs. Especially if you buy the cheap balloons like I do.
  2. Something to blow up the balloon. No, not ‘burst’ them… put air into them. Should clarify. Especially since I recommend the following for blowing up balloon animal balloons: air compressors, bicycle pumps, and those awesome air pumps that come with those big exercise balls. (Yes, I bought my ball for the pump.) Oh, and there are fancy pumps made ‘specially for these balloons. But that takes the challenge out of it. What’s a balloon animal without bursting your ear drums with the pressure before looking around the house to see what else can do the job?
  3. Special fingers for tying knots into the ends of these balloons. Although if you buy your balloons somewhere other than the dollar store this may not be an issue. But in our family, I have the special skill fingers. That’s right. Come to me. I will fill your balloon tying needs.
  4. An imagination. Or a book of instructions. Or a willingness to experiment and not be bothered by the fact that you have run out of balloon by the time you get to the fourth leg of that dog you were creating.

While I’d love to give you instructions on how to make that lovely three-legged dog… that would take the fun out of you figuring out how to make one yourself. Besides, maybe you want a giraffe. Or a bird. Or a snake. I’m good at making balloon animal snakes. 😀 (Just blow up the balloon and you are done! If you want to get super fancy, take a marker and draw a cute little face on one end.)

How about you? Any crazy balloon animal stories to share? (And do your kids do like mine and line up for half an hour to have someone make them a balloon animal at fairs? Mine do. There’s just something special about a balloon animal made just for you.)
Enjoy. And play on my friends.


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