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Three-Way Thumb War

How the Three-Way Thumb War Came to Be Leave it to kids. They want to have a thumb war, but there are three who want to play this two player game. Nobody wants to be left out. What to do? An adult would say: Tough luck. OR:Someone will be left out. OR: You can’t. OR:

Thumb War Game

>One, two, three, four, I declare a thumb war! Thumbs, get in your corners. Ready? Three, two, one, go!Thumb Wars or Thumb Wrestling: Two players face each other. The players hold right hands and curl their fingers into each other’s palms so their hands ‘lock’. Both players touch the tips of their thumbs together. See

Rock, Paper, Scissors

>Two players make a fist. On the count of three, both players reveals rock, paper or scissors. Rock beats scissors (smashes it). Scissors beats paper (cuts it). Paper beats rock (covers it). To make a rock, make a fist. To make paper, lay your hand flat. To make scissors do the peace sign but with