5 Fun Travel Games That Will Make Your Kids Smarter (and Keep You Sane!)

Remember way back when we walked uphill to school both ways? In a snowstorm. In boots too big for our feet? A time when vehicles didn’t come with DVD players? When there were no hand-held devices to keep you occupied as the boring old miles rolled by? Remember when we had to learn self-control and

>#390: Unfortunately – Fortunately

>The game Unfortunately-Fortunately is a pile of fun and will get you thinking. Take turns with a friend or bunch of friends and switch between ‘unfortunately’ and ‘fortunately’. Start with unfortunately.For example:First person: “Unfortunately our essay that was due next week is really due tomorrow morning.”Next person: “Fortunately, I have mine done.”Next person: “Unfortunately the

>#388: Punch Buggy / Slug Bug

>Going somewhere? Play Punch Buggy / Slug Bug! Here are the rules for Punch Buggy which is also known as Slug Bug: Look for Volkswagen Beetles (Bugs). Whenever you see one (old styling or new styling–it doesn’t matter), yell, “Punch Buggy White (or whatever colour it is)!” Then lightly punch the person riding with you

>#330: Draw on Frosty Windows

>Going for a ride in the car? Is it brrrrr out there? Have your windows frosted up? Draw pictures in the window frost using your finger or fingernail. Make this a family activity: Turn your drawings into games. (Xs and Os is a good one.) This activity promotes passing the time and creativity.

>#259: Alphabet License Plate Game

>Going to be spending some time in the car? Play the alphabet license plate game. Most license plates have numbers and letters. Watch license plates and ‘collect’ all the letters from the alphabet. Start by looking for the letter ‘a’. Once you have found that, go on to ‘b’, and on through the whole alphabet.