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>#109: Find Cloud Animals

>Find a nice comfy piece of grass, lay down and check out the clouds. Are there any that look like animals? As the clouds keep moving and changing, see what animals you can see. Is that a dinosaur? Make this a family activity: See what different animals each member of your family sees in a

>#84: Geocaching

>Let’s go outside and search for geocaches! What is geocaching (gee-o-cashing)? Geocaching is like a treasure hunt using a GPS (global positioning satellite). (You will need a GPS unit and an Internet connection as well as a sense of adventure!) By going on the geocaching website and entering your home coordinates (longitude and lattitude) or

>#65: Look for the First Robin of Spring

> The 20th was the first day of Spring. Have you seen the first Robin of Spring yet? Take a look around outside–do you see one? If you don’t have Robins where you live, what are some of the first signs of Spring where you live? This activity promotes season identification and visual identification skills.