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>#297: Invite Friends for a Sleepover

>Stay up all night! Well, maybe not. Invite friends over to stay the night. Camp out in the living room in sleeping bags, watch movies, play games and have a few laughs. Make this a family activity: Friends can’t come over? Get your family to have a sleepover camp-out in the living room. This activity

Buy Something Strange at a Second Hand Store and Wear it All Day

>Take a peek in your local second hand / used clothing store. Is there something strange and wonderful that you would like? Buy it and wear it all day. Make this a family activity: Everyone picks one thing each and wears it all day. Maybe you could find something that has a theme (like safari

>#294: Make Shadow Puppets / Make Shadow Figures

>Shine a light against a wall in a dark or dimly lit room. (You can use a flashlight or lamp.) Hold your hands or body between the light and the wall. You will create a shadow on the wall. See what shapes you can make by moving your body or hands/fingers. Can you make rabbit

Marbles Game

>Play marbles with a friend. Draw a circle about 2-3 feet wide in the dirt, on a sidewalk (with chalk), or on the carpet (with your finger). Each team (two teams) has different coloured marbles. Both teams place their small marbles in the circle, keeping their ‘shooter’ or big marble for shooting. Make a fist,