>#377: Play School

>Play school. Who gets to be the teacher? What subject will the teacher teach? Make this a family activity: Play as a family. Who gets to be the teacher? This activity promotes communication skills and learning.

Ice Cube Curling

>Let’s go curling–at the table! On a smooth surface, mark a circle. (You might want to lay smooth plastic over a table and draw your circle on the plastic.) Then, take ice cubes and slide them across the surface. To get points, you need to make your ice cube stop inside the circle, or touching

Make a New Friend

>Is there a new student in your class? Is there someone you don’t know on the playground, sitting on the bus, or playing at recess who looks like they are having a blast? Join them. You might make a new friend! Make this a family activity: Join a club or class and make new family

>#346: Join a Club

>Are you bored? Join a club? It could be a gymnastics club, skating club, girl guides or boy scouts, reading club, nature/hiking club, bird watching club, French club, the list is just about endless. What interests you? See if there is a club in your area who is seeking new members–you! Are there no clubs

>#314: Make a Fort

>Grab sheets, blankets, cushions and make a fort! Couch cushions make good walls for a fort. Use chairs to hold up a sheet to be your ceiling. You can also prop a broom under a sheet to hold the middle up if it sags. This is a mini-fort bear den. Make this a family activity:

Find a New Way to Lace Up Your Shoes

>Tired of the way you tie your shoes or the way you have them laced up? Try a new way! If you don’t know more ways to lace your shoes and want some ideas, check out your public library’s craft section, or do some research online. Make this a family activity: Teach each other different

>#299: Puppet Show

>Put on a puppet show. A puppet show is a play or story with puppets telling or acting out the story. Make this a family activity: put your puppet show on for your family, or get them involved. This activity promotes oratory skills.