>#380: Colour

>Colour in a colouring book or printed out colouring sheets from your favourite online kids website. Make this a family activity: Get down on the floor and share your colouring book or pages with your family. This activity promotes fine motor skills and colour awareness.

>#343: Face Painting

>Often you can get your face painted at children’s fairs and other such family events. If there isn’t someone doing face painting in your area, see if you can find face painting crayons or face paints. While you can paint your own face with face paints, it is easier to have someone else do it

>#303: Tracing

>There are many different things you can trace and many different ways to trace them. Here are a few ideas to get you started. Trace your hands or feet. Place your foot or hand on a piece of paper, then move your pencil along the edge of your hand, drawing it’s shape on the paper.

>#272: Illustrate Your Favourite Story

>Do you have a favourite story? Illustrate (draw pictures) to go with the story. It doesn’t matter if the story already has pictures, create your own! Make this a family activity: Get everyone together to illustrate their favourite stories. This activity promotes visual-language connections as well as creativity.

>#252: Draw on a Fungus

>A fungus grows on trees in darker, damper environments. Fungi can be great to draw on when they are fresh (the part that faces down is white and soft making it easy to draw on). As they dry out, they turn brown. This is a fungus I drew on when I was a kid. It