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Make a Bookmark: Homemade Hairpin Bookmark

This is such an easy yet beautiful homemade craft. What is it? It’s a homemade hairpin bookmark. Make a bookmark with simple items you have around the house–great for all ages! How to Make a Bookmark My daughter came up with this easy craft. Here’s how: Take a few thin ribbons, beads, sequins, and hairpins

Paper Plate Boat Craft

Go boys? Got paper plates? Want an easy paper plate craft for toddlers? Gotcha covered! Paper Plate Craft For Toddlers: A Boat! This easy boat craft will be a hit with toddlers, and boys in particular. You don’t need much for supplies, it helps fine motor skills, and is fun to play with too! Supplies

Empowering Pranks for Kids

Snow Play, Imagination, and Empowerment for Kids Did you ever do this as a kid? Stomp your way through the snow with your heels close together and your toes pointing out so the tracks you made with your boots looked like the track of a tractor? My brother and I once walked painstakingly allllll the

When Playtime Goes Bad… It’s Good

  When Playtime Goes Bad Ever had one of those days when the kids just can’t seem to get along? Or the kids are playing in a way that you feel is simply too rough? Or they are playing in what seems to be a ‘mean’ or ‘unkind’ way with their toys? Well guess what?

Random Acts of Play

The other day I was doing stuff in the living room and I turned around to see my 9-year-old had engaged in a random act of play and drawn this (see above) on the blanket we keep over our couch. Wow. Pretty cool. Do you catch your kids at random acts of play? This weekend,

Toddler Play: Real Life. Real Entertainment. Real Play.

How to Entertain a Toddler (Toddler Play) Have you ever been sucked in to all those ‘educational’ and ‘developmental’ programs that are ‘beneficial’ for toddlers? (Don’t worry, I have on occasion.) This morning I had a moment. While my son and I took our puppy out for a walk I recalled why playing outside is

Snack Time for Kids: Baked Apple Recipe

Have you and the kids been out sledding and need a warm and easy (healthy) snack to warm you up again? Mmmmm… baked apples! This quick and easy recipe is a surefire hit with kids. Here’s how: Baked Apple Recipe Ingredients and supplies needed to make a baked apple: Bowl apple knife cinnamon honey microwave