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Pretend Play: What Animal Are You?

Sometimes it can drive us parents slightly bonkers when we set a nice meal on the table only to be joined by a dog dressed as our youngest child. They try to eat without hands. Try to lap the water out of their glass (if they haven’t already asked for an accommodation in the form

Balloon Animals for the Kids!

  Who doesn’t love balloon animals? No. Really. Do you know anyone? I don’t. Because… Balloon animals rock. First, there are a few things you need in order to make successful balloon animals. Balloon animal balloons. Those long, skinny things that are impossible to blow up using your own lungs. Especially if you buy the

Take the Kids to the Horse Races

[divider] Have you ever been to the horse races? Last year they started a horse race track near where we live. So of course I had to check it out and take the kids to the horse races! And yes, some of you might be aghast and thinking: You took your kids to the track!!??

Last Child on the Farm

[divider] Today I have a little special something from writer Kathy Coatney called “Last Child on the Farm” which is an essay she wrote about her childhood growing up on a farm and knowing firsthand where food comes from. Kathy is a photojournalist and farm gal who knows first hand the value of play in

Homemade Rain Gauge

A homemade rain gauge is a fun and easy craft for kids and uses supplies you probably already have on hand at home. Whether your kids measure the rain for a science project or just for fun, it’s a cool way to measure how much rain really fell. You can measure one rain storm, or

Fathers and Play: The Benefits

Fathers have an important place in the worlds. Sometimes they play “the bad guy” and sometimes they play “the good guy.” But in the end, there is nothing as benefits as fathers who play with their children. Not only is it a way to decompress, it is a great way to connect and bond. Fathers

Sports Day: Homemade Hurdles for Kids

[divider] One of the local private schools was having a sports day / track day / Olympics for their students in the playground the other day. So while chasing my son and his friends around the playground, I snagged a picture for you of something I thought was really cool. Ta da! They are homemade