Have a Pillow Fight

>Have a pillow fight with your friends. This is a great sleepover activity. Make this a family activity: Ha! Ha! One big pillow fight! This activity promotes strategy, coordination and a lot of ducking!

>#273: Hopscotch

>Play hopscotch. Using chalk, draw 8 or 10 boxes like shown above. (Using one colour is fine.) Next, you have to hop on one foot from box to box, starting at #1. Boxes that are beside each other (like #3 and #4) are jumped on with two feet. (So, hop off #2 and land on

>#272: Illustrate Your Favourite Story

>Do you have a favourite story? Illustrate (draw pictures) to go with the story. It doesn’t matter if the story already has pictures, create your own! Make this a family activity: Get everyone together to illustrate their favourite stories. This activity promotes visual-language connections as well as creativity.

>#271: Charlie Brown

>Charlie Brown is a playground game and is played on a teeter totter (if you find one!). You will need two players. One person sits on their end of the teeter totter and the other person sits on the other end. One player is Charlie Brown and they pick a colour. They keep the other

>#270: Library

>Get out of the house and go to the public library. Take a look around. Libraries often have events for children that are free or cheap. As well, they have magazines, computers, music, stories on tape, movies, and of course, lots of books! If you can’t find what you want or need ask a librarian