What is This: Imaginative Play for Kids

What does this cloud look like to you?


What Is This?

Got your imagination? Okay! Let’s go…

Pick a Cloud… Any Cloud

I know, I know. It is winter in the Northern Hemisphere. The last thing we want to do is sit outside and gaze at clouds.

Although… did you know that kids who play outside tend to be less anxious? They also tend to have better motor skills, better attention spans, have more friends, and rate higher in terms of self-worth. Plus, playing outside reduces depression. Parents included.

So get out your winter gear–or if you live in a lovely warm climate break out your sunscreen you lucky ducks–and let’s get out there!

What Does This Cloud Look Like?

This is a FUN game that probably every kid has played, either in their head or with friends.

Now that you are all bundled up warm, pick a snowbank and lay down. No, really. Line up with your kids and gaze at the clouds. What does that cloud look like to you? How about to your kids?

Crappy cloud day? All right. Pick a snowdrift. Walk around and look at the landscape. Do you see animals in the drift’s shapes? Got trees? What do the trees look like? Maybe it even looks like a knight racing off to save the kingdom!

How about you? What games do you play? Besides clouds, what other things can you find shapes in?

Thanks for playing along!

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