Nature Anomalies: Go on a Hunt!

Nature Anomalies

Go on a nature anomaly hunt. Can you find weird stuff?

What is a Nature Anomaly?

Nature anomalies are something strange or different that occurs in nature–it’s not quite normal. Things like the dandelion pictured above that has several stems and dandelion heads all grown together. Another, more common example would be a four-leaf clover. Maybe two leaves that share a stem. A bird’s egg that is paler or smaller than the rest in the nest. A cat with an extra toe.

How to Find an Anomaly in Nature

Finding an anomaly can be difficult because they are fairly rare. But taking your kids out for a hike and asking them to keep an eye out for something odd or strange can give them a goal or purpose to their walk. Plus, you might just be amazed at what they find that is different and unique. And yes, they may get completely and utterly distracted, but that’s okay! It’s normal and they may just find something else that completely enthralls them.

Have you ever found a four leaf clover or other nature anomaly?



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