>#297: Invite Friends for a Sleepover

>Stay up all night! Well, maybe not. Invite friends over to stay the night. Camp out in the living room in sleeping bags, watch movies, play games and have a few laughs. Make this a family activity: Friends can’t come over? Get your family to have a sleepover camp-out in the living room. This activity

Pajama Day!: A Party for Kids

>Have a pajama day! Stay in your pajamas alllllll day long. Make this a family activity: Everyone stays in their pajamas alllll day long. This activity promotes family bonding and teaches children when some rules are okay to be broken.

Have a Pillow Fight

>Have a pillow fight with your friends. This is a great sleepover activity. Make this a family activity: Ha! Ha! One big pillow fight! This activity promotes strategy, coordination and a lot of ducking!

>#269: Play Dress Up

>Get out some fun clothes, costumes, or whatever you can find and play dress up. Make this a family activity: Everyone gets dressed up. Are you all super-heroes? Going to a ball? Ghosts? This activity promotes free play, creativity, and imagination.

Marbles Game

>Play marbles with a friend. Draw a circle about 2-3 feet wide in the dirt, on a sidewalk (with chalk), or on the carpet (with your finger). Each team (two teams) has different coloured marbles. Both teams place their small marbles in the circle, keeping their ‘shooter’ or big marble for shooting. Make a fist,