>#356: Make Up Your Own Constellation

>A constellation is a group of stars with a story to go with them. Usually, if you look at the group of stars, you can also make a shape by connecting the stars. (See the Big Dipper below.)

The nice thing about winter is that it gets dark early, making it easier to stay up to see those stars. You will need a cloudless night away from streetlights in order to see the stars. Use your imagination to make your own constellation and make up your own story to go with it.

This is Cassiopeia.
She was a Greek queen who liked to brag about how beautiful she was.

Make this a family activity: See if you can convince your parents to drive out to a place without a lot of lights (like a large park or out of town) and make up your own constellations.

This activity promotes an awareness of the universe as well as imagination and storytelling (communication) skills.

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