>#1: Build a Snowman


I hope you’ve got snow!

The trick to making a good snowman is the right kind of snow. It needs to be sticky enough that when you make a nice big snowball and roll it around in the yard, more snow sticks to it.

When you start rolling your big snowball around, it can fall apart. If you give it a firm pat with your mitts it will help it stick together. In other words, pack that snow!

Once you have a nice bottom ball and the second (body) ball is ready to go on top, carefully lift it up and gently place it on top. Then take handful of snow and pack it in between the two balls to make sure the top one doesn’t roll off.

Once you have three balls piled on top of each other, add a hat, arms and a face.

Have fun!

This activity promotes physical activity and creativity. And sometimes problem solving too!

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