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Ice Fishing

>Go ice fishing! You’ll need special ice fishing gear–like an ice auger and maybe even an ice fishing hut to keep you warm. If you know someone who ice fishes, ask them if you can come along. They’d probably be totally delighted to show you how and to lend you a rod! Hint: Maggots make


>Go snowmobiling! Make fun in the snow. Safety First: Have an adult drive and always wear a helmet. As well, stay on trails and be sure to stay in areas cleared of avalanches in mountain areas. Make this a family activity: Go for a ride with your mom or dad. This activity promotes learning about

Downhill Skiing With the Kids

>Is there snow? Let’s go downhill skiing! Make this a family activity: Take the whole family out on the slopes. This activity promotes physical activity, coordination and gaining physical strength.

Cross-Country Skiing

>Do you have any snow on the ground? Go cross-country skiing. Don’t have skis? No problem, ski shops sometimes rent skis as do some sporting good stores or recreation facilities. Look around and see what you can find. Make this a family activity: This is a great way to get the family outside and moving.


> Play hockey! She shoots, she scores! If you don’t have ice to play on, you can play field hockey or street hockey (watch for cars–in fact, the best place for street hockey is somewhere like a basketball court so you don’t have to worry about cars). This activity promotes group/team cooperation, physical activity, motor

Go Curling

>Curling is a lot of fun. See if your local rink has curling times for the general public, or lessons for beginners. What is curling? You slide rocks (special, fancy ones with handles) down the ice and try and get them to stop in a big circle. People with special brooms can sweep in front