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Count Thunder

>You’ll need a thunder storm for this one. Look out your window and watch for lightning. When you see it flash across the sky, begin counting until you hear the accompanying thunder. (Thunder is the sound caused by lightning.) Count slowly, one-one thousand, two-one thousand, three-one thousand, until the thunder comes. Take that number and

Look for a Rainbow (and pot of gold)

>The legend goes that at the end of a rainbow, leprechauns hide their pot of gold. Rainbows come out after the rain when the sun is shining. Can you find a rainbow? What about a pot of gold? Make this a family activity: Get everyone together to seek the end of the rainbow. Hurry! It

Make Puddle Rivers: Play in the Mud

>It’s mud puddle time! Put on your rubber boots and go find some small mud puddles. Connect mud puddles together by dragging the heel of your boot through the mud or use a shovel. Make rivers and connect the ‘lakes’ (mud puddles). This activity promotes engineering (math, logic and calculation) skills.